What Is Medicare Fraud?

Many people in this country have been asking themselves “What is Medicare fraud?? This is mainly because they do not want to break any current locally enforced laws. There is little distinction between errors and what is considered medicare fraud, so you need to be informed of the law to be able to avoid complications and possible charges of fraud.

Medicare Fraud Is Wide Ranging

For those of you that are asking yourself “What is Medicare fraud?,” the answer is quite simple. It is billing Medicare for services and medical products that you never actually received. This can include everything like charging for doctor visits that you never went to, or even a hospital charging for a patient that they never treated. Many of the times where mistakes occur within one’s medicare portfolio, it is due to human error. It is usually not from dishonest intent from the person in question.

The Effects Of Medical Fraud

This type of fraud costs billions of dollars a year for Medicare. That is why it is so understandable that they have been cracking down on offenders. Fraud takes away from Medicare’s ability to disburse funds to those who actually deserve it.

Penalty For Medicare Fraud

When it has been determined that someone has committed this type of fraud, they are ordered to repay all that they have stolen. Depending on the state, they may even be officially charged with falsifying a statement. They can also be charged with a false claims act.

Avoiding Medical Fraud

It is easy to make mistakes when it comes to keeping accurate medical billing records. Paying attention to every detail can help you alleviate the mistakes that can happen. Hopefully, you now have a clear understanding of the question “What is Medicare fraud?”

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