What Is Medicare D Insurance?

Medicare D Insurance is a prescription coverage option that is available to people who are approved for Medicare Insurance coverage. This insurance coverage works with existing medical coverage and other prescription discount programs the individual may already have in effect.

What is Medicare D Insurance?

Medicare Part D is an option people have when they qualify for Medicare insurance coverage. With the Medicare Part D option people are provided with coverage for the medication prescribed to them by their doctor or medical care provider. When opting for the Medicare Part D coverage a person is able to get discounts on their medication. The amount discounted depends on the level of tier the medication falls under. The lower the tier the less the prescription cost will be to the covered individual.

How Do I Sign Up for Medicare D Insurance?

There are several ways in which a person can sign up for Medicare D insurance coverage once they have been approved to receive Medicare insurance coverage. The first option for enrollment is to complete a paper enrollment form. Paper enrollment forms can be obtained through your local Social Security office, online, or by contacting the Medicare administration that has processed your basic Medicare application. The second option for signing up for Medicare Part D coverage is to call the number listed on your Medicare approval letter. The customer care professionals that answer your call will be able to provide the assistance necessary to get your application processed. The third option for applying for Medicare Part D insurance is to call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). The representatives will either be able to begin the process of filling out your application for you over the phone or send you a form if you choose to do so in this manner.

When Does Enrollment for Medicare Part D Insurance Take Place?

Once a person is approved for Medicare insurance coverage they become eligible to sign up for Medicare Part D insurance coverage. It is important to read the entire approval letter for the deadline for signing up for additional coverages printed on this letter. Once the deadline has been reached a person may be faced with having to pay for a late fee and processing charges to add the Medicare D insurance coverage to their plan. There are annual dates provided to individuals should they want to add the medication drug coverage later on.

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