What Is Medicare Advantage Insurance?

Medicare Advantage Insurance Explained Benefits Over Traditional Medicare Part A and Part B

People interested in exploring their options with Medicare will ask the question, What is Medicare Advantage insurance? The answer is that Medicare Advantage is an alternative version of Medicare that relies on private insurance companies to deliver, at minimum, the same benefits of Medicare Parts A & B. Insurance companies are allowed to offer benefits above and beyond Medicare Parts A & B. It is important to note that Medicare Advantage policies may also carry an additional premium that a Medicare recipient will pay in addition to the Medicare Part B premium.

How Medicare Advantage Goes Beyond Medicare Parts A & B

What is Medicare Advantage insurance? Now that you can answer that basic question, let’s explore Medicare Advantage further so you can see how well it can go above traditional Medicare. The types of additional benefits offered may include vision care, health and wellness programs, hearing and dental. The dental benefit cannot be underestimated as traditional Medicare only covers dental services when they are deemed essential to the maintenance of your health or critical to the success of a non-dental operation. However, things such as prescription drug coverage, routine dental checks, fillings, cleaning or basic preventative maintenance are not covered under traditional Medicare. Some Medicare Advantage plans do offer that benefit. In fact, some Medicare Advantage plans offer coverage which competes directly with the combined coverage of traditional Medicare plus a Medicare Supplemental Insurance policy.

How Do I Choose the Best Medicare Advantage Plan?

The website www.medicare.gov will display what Medicare Advantage policies are offered to your by your zip code. During each annual enrollment period, you may switch from traditional Medicare to Medicare Advantage or from one Medicare Advantage plan to another. The website will also show you what additional premiums you may incur and estimates as to the total cost of health insurance based on your health.


By now, you should have the basic ability to answer the question “What is Medicare Advantage insurance” including the knowledge of where to go to learn more about these policies and find the best match for your needs.

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