What Is Managed Medicare?

Managed Medicare is more commonly known as Medicare Advantage. This type of Medicare is through a private health insurer and generally provides additional benefits. Most managed Medicare plans include all the coverage that Medicare part A,B and D provide. However, you should be fully aware of the benefits you will receive before you sign on to a specific plan. Like with most health insurance plans, there will most likely be a requirement to use preferred doctors or services. Using these in-network services will allow you to keep your medical costs down.

Will I Have To Pay More For Managed Medicare?

Your premiums for Managed Medicare will most likely be higher than if you selected just Medicare Parts A&B.; However, the additional benefits you receive will save on out-of-pocket expenses that are associated with the regular Medicare program. Another benefit of this coverage is that most Managed Medicare plans include prescriptions. You will not have to purchase Part D coverage, providing you additional savings. Some states require that any Medicare Advantage program offered in their state pay for prescriptions, regardless. It is very important that you understand what is required coverage in your state so that you receive the most cost effective coverage.

Is Managed Medicare Being Canceled? I Have Heard Rumors

There are many rumors and much conjecture going on regarding Medicare right now. With the massive changes going on in our health care system, as well as government, many people believe that Medicare is going to collapse. Quite the contrary; there may be changes to the system, but the system will remain. Many states, however, have enacted rules about Managed Medicare programs. Many seniors were being overcharged and under treated by a few companies offering this service. In an effort to dissuade this type of behavior, state governments have placed restrictions on these companies. They have not, however, ended the program.

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