What Is Continuation Of Medicare Coverage?

Continuation of Medicare coverage applies to individuals who received Medicare coverage because they were on disability but then get a job that disqualifies them for continued social security disability coverage. Although the payments for disability stop during this time, the Social Security Administration may decide to continue health insurance coverage for a period of time.

Knowing About Continuation of Medicare Coverage

When the Social Security Administration learns that a person on disability returns to work, the agency makes a decision about the person’s cash benefits. The SSA may keep the person’s benefits the same, lower the benefits, or remove the cash benefit entirely. In most situations, the SSA decides to let the person keep his Medicare Part A and Part B coverage for up to 93 months. A disabled person may lose his cash benefits, but he has a guarantee for health insurance for a specific period of time. After the trial period is up, his eligibility for Medicaid gets reviewed.

What About Premiums?

During the nine-month trial period, a person on disability does not need to worry about paying his Medicare Part A premium. He or she still must pay the other premiums for other plans in which he is enrolled. When the 9-month trial period ends, the SSA will make a decision on whether to stop coverage or to allow coverage to continue. A person who has a continuing, impairing disability may buy Medicare coverage if he finds employment. As with disability itself, Medicare rules require this disability to be reviewed by a doctor periodically. The benefits cost as much as they would for an uninsured retired person eligible for Medicare. If a doctor determines a change in the condition, Medicare benefits may stop. An individual who finds himself in this position may need to find a private health insurance plan.

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