What Is Continuation of Medicare Coverage?

Medicare is only taken when a person who has reached the age of 65 and above. There are however exceptions to those who are on disability and those with dialysis. These ones can be given the insurance even though they haven’t reached the age of 65. But what happens when a person on disability gets a job that disqualifies them for the insurance. This article will look at continuation of Medicare coverage to these people and how it works.

Continuation Of Medicare Coverage

When a person on disability gets a job which disqualifies them, their insurance company may choose to continue with coverage after some while. This is done after the insurance company looks at their cash benefits and figure out whether they are still eligible for the insurance. The SSA may decide to lower the benefits, keep it the same or remove it entirely. This person may loose the cash benefits but will have a health insurance for a certain period of time until it is removed.

What About The Premiums?

A person is usually given a 9 month period after which the company decides whether they will stop the coverage or give them Continuation of Medicare coverage. During this period, they don’t have to fret about paying premiums for Medicare plan A. They must however continue paying for any other plans they are enrolled in.

Other Options

There are rules that come with Medicare where a person must go for periodical check ups to see if there are any progresses with their condition. If it happens to change, that person’s Medicare benefits may stop and they would be forced to get it from private companies. If they are of the age of 65, the best option would be to enroll on Medigap which is a great alternative.

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