What Is A Timely Filing Limit For Medicare?

Medicare has a history for having some of most relaxed rules in regard to timely filing limit rules. There was a time when it was possible to submit last quarter Medicare claims into the previous year. What this basically meant was that claims submitted in 2008 or after could be submitted up until the last day of 2010. Under this rule there was a 10 percent penalty for claims older than a year, but paying on them was still possible. This rule is no longer existent.

The New Timely Filing Limit Rules

Under the new timely filing limit rules, claims can only be submitted for payment for only one calendar year. What this basically means is that, if you have a date of service for July 2010, the claim has to be submitted before July 2011. The implementation of the new timely filing limit procedures goes as follows:

Processing Claims

Claims bearing service dates before January 1, 2010 has to be submitted before the close of the year (December 31, 2010), and they will be processed based upon the old guidelines. One the other hand, claims bearing service dates of January 1, 2010 and after will be processed under the new timely filing limit rules and guidelines; plus, these claims will be allowed within a single calendar year.

Who’s Affected by the New Rules?

All Medicare provider types are affected by the new timely filing limit rules, including physicians and suppliers who are submitting claims to contractors. These Medicare contractors include home health suppliers, medical equipment suppliers as well as suppliers of Medicare Parts A and B. Basically, this includes anyone and everyone who provides services to beneficiaries of Medicare and submits claims for services.

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