What Is A Medigap Policy?

Medicap is a form of supplement insurance that will pay for what Medicare doesn’t. A Medigap policy will cover a portion of surgical and medical services that you would otherwise have to pay out of your own pocket. These health insurance policies are available from private insurance companies.

Important Things to Know Before You Buy This Type Of Policy

It is important to know, there is a requirement for you to have previous coverage of Medicare part A, and Medicare part B, before a Medigap policy can be purchased. You and your spouse will have to obtain individual Medigap policies. You are not permitted to share the same one. Medicare does not cover the cost to obtain a policy. Once you have paid for your Medigap policy, there is a guarantee. Your insurance company cannot cancel your policy, as long as you pay for it, and that all information you provided was true. Medigap policies do not cover Nursing Homes, private Nurses, vision or dental care, eyeglasses or hearing aids.

There are Several Medigap Policies Available

The various types of Medicap policies are identified by the letters A through N. These policies give you the choice of coverage that you need. The policy that you choose will determine the cost of your premium and co-payment. Based on the State you live, will determine the policies available to you. These plans are all required to have similar coverage. However, some plans offer more than the basic plan.

To Find Out What Medigap Policies are Available in Your Area

You can call the national Medicare phone number at 1-800-633-4227, or go to medicare.gov to find out the latest up to date information. Their website can also tell you what each Medigap policy has to offer.

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