What Is a Medicare HMO?

Can I pick my own HMO plan?

Yes. Everyone has the option of selecting their own Medicare HMO plan. Beneficiaries can choose to participate in federally funded public plans which are privately distributed. In order to join a HMO you must be enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare. You must also continue to pay your monthly part B Medicare. You are allowed to pick any plan you like as long as you choose a plan that is right for you, and your family, if applicable. Pick your plan with caution.

Can I choose my own HMO doctor?

Yes, you can choose your own HMO doctor, and hospital as long as you stay within the specified network of doctors included in the coverage. HMO plans allow private insurance companies to offer individuals the opportunity to pick a plan that is right for them. Remember your Medicare Part B must be renewed every year. You will probably receive a list of Medicare HMO doctors along with your enrollment package. If you don’t receive a list you can call the toll free number and request a copy of the HMO provider list for your area. While there are some advantages to Medicare HMO plans there are some disadvantages as well.

What does HMO cover?

HMO covers doctor visits, hospital stays and some even have additional health benefits such as vision, dental and hearing. The plan covers emergencies and injuries worldwide. In some instances maternity benefits are included for dependents that are listed on the HMO plan. It covers the cost of specialists that you may be referred to by your (PCP) Primary Care Physician. Medicare HMO participants also pay less in co- payments, deductibles and out of pocket expenses.

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