What If I Miss Medicare Initial Enrollment Period?

Medicare usually becomes available to individuals who are 65 years old or older, those with disabilities and individuals who have permanent kidney failure and require either a transplant or need dialysis. For individuals who are already receiving Social Security, when they turn 65, are automatically eligible for Medicare Part A and B beginning the first day of their birthday month when they turn 65.

When You Get Your Card

These individuals do not have to do anything for enrollment and Medicare cards are automatically mailed to them three months before they turn 65. If an individual waits until they are 65 to sign up and delays signing up until the latter three months of their medicare initial enrollment period, their start date for Medicare Part B will be delayed.

When Enrollment Starts

Medicare Initial enrollment period is three months before and three months after individuals 65th birthday if they are not receiving Social Security benefits. An application must be filled out at the Social Security Administration office. Individuals can also sign up for Medicare Part B at this time. The Social Security office will determine if the individual qualifies for this benefit.


If an individual does not sign up during their medicare initial enrollment period, they will be penalized by having to go without coverage until they are again eligible to enroll, which is the following first of January. If they miss this general enrollment period, they must wait for 9 months until the following general enrollment period to apply. There is also an additional waiting time of 3 to 6 months for the insurance to take effect. If choosing Part B, the premium will be raised by 10% for each additional year that passes without signing up for Part B. If the individual decides to not participate in part B or cancels it, they will not be able to receive preventive services from Medicare.

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