What if I Can’t Afford Medicare Part D?

Medicare is intended to be an affordable health care insurance program for older Americans. The premiums may not be as high as they are for other programs, but there are times when a recipient still may not be able to afford the premiums for his extra prescription drugs. He should not panic immediately, as he can apply for help.

Can’t Afford Medicare Part D Premiums – Do You Qualify for Medicaid?

Before a person decides that he needs to apply for extra help, he should check out the rules for Medicaid in his state. A person who meets the eligibility requirements for both can enroll in both programs. The former is based on age or disability. The second program is based on income. Medicaid will fill most of the gaps in an individuals Medicare coverage.

Medicare Part D Premiums When I Make Too Much For Medicaid

Sometimes a person can make more than he needs to qualify for Medicaid and still not have enough to pay his Medicare Part D premiums. He does not need to drop his prescription drug coverage, nor is it a good idea to do so as most prescription drugs are needed to maintain his level of health.

Many states offer a Medicare Savings Plans program. The name suggests that its purpose is to allow a person to put back money for needed medications, but these plans usually have a different purpose. They let a person save money on the premiums and reduce his out of pocket cost for prescription drugs.

Making Medicare Part D Premiums Affordable

A person can apply for a Medicare Part D savings plan by contacting the closest officer of the Department of Health and Human Services office and asking them to enroll in the buy-in program. Areas on Agency also have this information.

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