What Happens To My Medicare Supplemental Plan If I Move?

Medicare supplemental plan will move with the Medicare participant to a new location with no changes to the plan. Approved plans will remain intact for the old area as long as the plan premiums are paid keeping the plan active. The administrator will be able to tell the participant if the Medicare plan remains effective in the new location.

Medicare Supplemental Plan Changes

Medicare supplement plans are available through independent insurance companies and plans may differ by location. When the participant relocates to a different area, the existing Medicare supplemental plan may not be offered in the new area. If there are additional Medicare supplemental plan option plans in the new area, the participant may be able to switch to the new area Medicare supplemental plan without any problems. If the new address is still within the existing Medicare supplemental plan and there are no additional Medicare supplemental options available, the participant will not be able to switch plans until the next open enrollment period.

Medicare Plan Enrollments

If the participant notifies the Medicare supplemental plan administrator before they move, the participant may be able to change plans the month before they relocate or up to two months after they relocate. The reason for checking with the Medicare supplemental plan administrator before they move is that physicians are not required to accept Medicare or Medicare supplemental plan. If the new area does not accept the Medicare Plan, the participant may need to cancel the existing plan and enroll in an acceptable plan for the new location. Medicare Part D plans allow changes only during certain times of the year, rules about enrollment periods, may not apply if the participant relocates.

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