What Happens To My Medicare Supplement Plan If I Move?

When a Medicare recipient with a Medicare supplement plan moves into a different area, he may wonders what happens to his plan. Nothing happens to a person’s Medigap plan as long as the subscriber remembers to pay his premiums. The plans are not tied to a specific geographic location.

Moving to a different area does create issues with private issued insurance, although nothing happens to the plan itself, there is no guarantee that the doctor’s offices and hospitals in the area that a person moves to.

Will I Have to Switch My Medicare Supplement Plan Provider?

Before making a move, contact the doctor’s offices in the area to see what insurance plans they accept. Not every doctor is required to accept Medicare, and doctors that do not accept Medicare will not accept Medicare supplemental plans. If the doctor chooses to accept the Medicare sponsored plan, it will accept Medicare supplemental plans to ensure greater compensation amounts.

Find out what plans the doctors accept. A person who wants to move should not delay or cancel his move just because a new doctor will not accept his old Medigap plan. He may have to apply for a new policy, even if he does not want to. Canceling a Medigap policy under these circumstances does not give a person guaranteed issue rights.

What Happens When I Cancel My Medicare Supplement Plan?

If a person needs to cancel his Medigap plan for any reason, he will not have access to the same plans he would have if the move occurred during his open enrollment period or if he had guaranteed issue rights. The recipient may have to deal with the medical underwriting process many insurance companies use to determine eligibility. A person who cancels the policy may not get a different Medicare supplemental policy is the company determines he does not qualify.

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