What Expenses Do Medicare Insurance Plans Not Cover?

The Blind Spots In Medicare Insurance Plans You Should Know About

It is important to understand what Medicare insurance plans cover, but it is equally important to understand what these plans do not cover. Knowing the specific areas not covered under Medicare is key to planning ahead to avoid any surprise bills that will need to be paid out of pocket. Costs covered under Medicare include inpatient hospital care, skilled nursing care in nursing facilities, some home health care, and hospice care. Each benefit has its own requirements to qualify for care. Find out what Medicare insurance plans do not cover below.

Treatment Not Recognized As Health Care By Medicare Insurance Plans

Acupuncture and most chiropractic care are not recognized by Medicare as legitimate health aids despite the relief some patients experience from such treatments. Cosmetic surgery also is not seen as necessary health care. Experimental procedures fall under this category as well. Participating in a clinical trial may help to treat a patient’s illness but Medicare does not cover any treatment that is not already proven to be an effective regimen.

Things You Would Expect Medicare To Cover

There are many things that most people would expect Medicare to cover. Dental care, eye exams and glasses, and hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. Routine preventive care (such as physical exams) also is not covered by Medicare. Any treatment termed as “outpatient” is not eligible for Medicare coverage. This is important to remember because some overnight hospital stays are classified as outpatient visits. Medicare insurance plans also will not pay for most prescription drugs.

Some Hidden Expenses You Would Have To Pay Out Of Pocket

Things you will have to pay out of pocket that you may not think of include private nursing care, custodial home care, hospital telephones and/or televisions, care outside of the US, and non-skilled custodial care in a nursing facility. Be careful in recognizing that there are different levels of care in nursing facilities. Non-skilled care will not be covered by Medicare so be sure to ask.

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