What Does Medicare Pay That Medicaid Does Not?

Medicare and Medicaid are both extremely large, progressive, government run programs. The names of the two programs are similar and so therefore the two programs are often confused with each other. If you are nearing retirement, or you are on one of these programs, it is important to understand what does Medicare pay that Medicaid does not?

What Does Medicare Pay For?

It is difficult to know what does Medicare pay that Medicaid does not? Medicare helps to pay for hospital stays, in home nursing care, and hospice care. The amount of payment depends on whether you have Medicare part A or part B. Also partially covered is preventive services like yearly check-ups and blood work. It used to be that Medicare did not pay for prescription drugs, but since 2006 Medicare Part D has helped to pay for most prescription drugs.

What Is The Main Difference Between Medicare And Medicaid

Medicare is mainly for those that are retired. In order to qualify for Medicare a person must have worked at least 40 quarters in their lifetime. A quarter is three months. There are some cases where a person does not have to be retired in order to get Medicare. Medicaid is mainly designed for very low income families who have no other resources for medical care. Medicaid is a basic medical program mostly designed for preventive care and emergencies. These two programs can be used together.

How Do I Find Out What Does Medicare Pay That Medicaid Does Not?

If you need information to find out what does Medicare pay that Medicaid does not? You can do a search online for those exact words. The internet is full of resources on both of these topics. Information can also be found at your local hospital or doctor’s office, as well as by contacting your county or state welfare offices.

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