What Does Medicare Pay For In A Nursing Home?

Medicare will pay for some medical costs in a nursing home care facility. In order to receive limited Medicare medical benefits you must have stayed in a hospital for a minimum of three days in order to receive minimal Medicare coverage for a nursing home care facility. The nursing home care facility that you choose must be considered a Medicare certified skilled nursing home. It must be determined in the prior hospital stay that it is necessary that you need skilled nursing or rehabilitation services in order to receive Medicare medical coverage. Whether or not you would require care from a skilled nursing facility would be determined by a licensed physician.

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In order to qualify for Medicare assistance in a nursing home facility, you must have a minimum hospital stay of three days. Admission to the nursing home care facility must be for the same condition as was the hospital stay. Furthermore, admission to the nursing home must be made within 30 days of the hospital stay in order to receive Medicare coverage for the nursing home stay. Custodial care is not paid for by Medicare. Custodial care, for example, is care for daily living and/or personal needs. For example, custodial care would be tasks such as eating, bathing, dressing and/or walking.

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One alarming fact is that Medicare usually will only pay 10 percent of the total nursing home stay. Meeting the entire requirements set up by Medicare might help you pay for the first 100 days in the skilled nursing home facility. However, after the first 20 days, Medicare will only pay 80 percent of the bill in a nursing home. One good person to talk to concerning Medicare coverage for a nursing home stay would be the hospital social worker. He/she can usually provide a wealth of information in a very caring and tactful manner.

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