What Does Medicare Insurance Cost?

Medicare Part A

In the case of Medicare Part A, you may not have to pay any Medicare insurance premiums at all. It depends on how much Medicare taxes you paid while you were working. If you paid 40 quarters of Medicare taxes into social security, you will not have to pay a Medicare Part A premium.
You will pay a premium of $254.00 per month if you paid 30 to 39 quarters of Medicare taxes.
A premium of $461.00 per month if you paid 29 to zero quarters of Medicare taxes during employment or if you did not work.

Medicare Part B

The Medicare insurance premiums for Medicare Part B are figured completely different than Part A. Part B goes by your income.
The first premium is $110.50 per month with the individual income between 0 and $85,000.00 and the married income between 0 and $170,000.00
The next premium is 154.70 per month if the income is $85,001 to $107,000 for individual or $170,001 to $214,000 for married
$221.00 per month is the premium for individual between $107,001 and $160,000.00 or married couples income of $214,001 to $320,000
$287.30 per month covers individuals between $160,001 through $214,000 and married couples whose income is $321,001 to $428,000.
$353.60 per month is the highest the premiums go.

Medicare Part D

There is no set rule to figuring the Medicare insurance premiums for Part D. Depending on the state the average premium is about 30 to 35 dollars.

What does Medicare insurance cost? Depending on your different circumstances for Parts A B and D, the answers will vary, but hopefully this helps put it in a better perspective.

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