What Documents Do I Need To Provide With My Medicare Application?

There are specific documents that need to be submitted along with your Medicare application. The documents that you will need to provide is necessary in determining your citizenship status, past employment, age, and military status. It is necessary that you provide the original documents along with your application, unless otherwise requested. Once all of the completed documents are submitted, your file will be processed and your Medicare eligibility will be determined.

What Document Should I Present With My Medicare Application?

Your Medicare administrator is going to request that you provide them with the original copy of your birth certificate, social security card, military discharge documents, and W-2 forms. Some of the documents requested may not be applicable to your situation. If this is the case, then you may place “Non Applicable” on the application where it specifically request those documents.

Why Does The Medicare Office Request These Documents?

The Medicare office must verify many aspects of your application before it can be processed. Based on some of the information provided on the application, your Medicare gent must verify all information before a decision can be reached.

What Other Information Might Medicare Require?

Your application will ask for your your social security number, place of birth, marital status, wages earned, alias names, names of your unmarried children under 18, and your criminal record. Please be prepared to provide additional information if your Medicare administrator needs clarification regarding your documents or Medicare application.

How Long Will I Have To Wait Before I Get Approved?

The Medicare process will vary depending on the complexity of your situation. Although Medicare agents try to process all applications in a timely manner, there are times where the application process can take some time. That’s why it is always advisable that you have all of the documents needed to complete your Medicare application without further ado. Usually, if your application is processed without any questions or concerns, you may get a decision within 7 to 10 days.

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