What Do Medicare Part B Premiums Cover?

Find out here what your Medicare Part B premiums will cover in your Medicare plan!

You’re probably aware that the various parts of Medicare insurance denote different types of coverage. With Medicare Part B, you are dealing strictly with a premium that you pay for things such as outpatient and other types of services.

What Do The Premiums Cover?

As previously stated, Medicare Part B is in place for senior citizens that would like to pay the premiums for outpatient and other types of doctor services. Specifically, it covers various services such as lab work, testing, certain types of pap smear/mammogram screenings, specific types of diabetic supplies, nursing, chemotherapy treatment, and more. Of course, these are just some of the services covered by the Medicare Part B premiums. In reality, there are many more than this. If you have questions about a medical need that you need covered, the best thing to do is contact your Social Security office and discuss this with them to get accurate clarification.

Services such as prescription medicine, hearing aids, eye exams, and glasses are not covered under the Medicare Part B premiums. Once again, it’s a great idea to clarify with your Social Security office before applying for Part B.

What Percentage Does Medicare Part B Cover?

Generally, when you receive a service that is considered covered under Medicare Part B, you will receive reimbursement for 80% of the total cost of that service. Of course, that leaves the left over 20% for the patient (or you) to pay. Generally, the premiums’ cost for various patients varies among household to household. This determination is usually b based on income. Therefore, the higher the income the patient has in his/her household, the higher the cost of the premium will more than likely be.

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