What Do I Need To Know About My Medigap Premium?

If you have a Medicare supplemental medigap premium you need to be aware that in the wake of the passage of healthcare reform there are many positive changes that will take effect in 2011. Some include cost reductions and extension of benefits that were set to expire.

What Kind Of Changes Can I Expect Regarding My Medigap Premium?

We know that much of this Medicare and Medigap information is confusing when it pertains to the Medicare Advantage plan and the Medicare Part D Medigap plans. But one thing to keep in mind is that a medigap plan that worked well for you in 2010 may not be adequate for your needs because it might not be available in 2011.

What About My Medigap Premium Cost?

Structural changes to the government trust fund that finances all these Medicare hospitalization plan benefits has been extended through the year 2019. Another change is the expansion of the medigap premium coverage involving no deductible or co-pay fees. Depending on your existing insurance provider in 2011 your current medigap premium cost will likely increase.

What Other Changes Should I Be Concerned About?

Once you select an additional medigap benefit with Medicare and later you find it’s not working for you or isn’t what you thought it to be to serve your health requirements, you will NOT be able to make any changes. However, you will be allowed to go back to your original plan. An example would be that in 2011, you can only change back to the original Medicare and not between Medicare Advantage to medigap Plan D, and so on. This decision will affect you for the entire year. Best you check with www.medicare.gov.

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