What Do I Need To Do During Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment?

When a person turns 65 and enrolls in Medicare Part B, a six month period occurs in which they can enroll in any Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plan. Companies that offer this condition must accept patients regardless of any pre-existing condition or general state of the person’s health.

Many companies offer an additional open enrollment period that further confuses the issue. They offer an additional period that occurs six months prior to when the federal open enrollment period.

What Do I Need to Do During a Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period?

A Medicare recipient does not have to do anything during the open enrollment period for Medicare. If he does not want to purchase Medigap insurance, he does not need to do so. However, if he wants the additional coverage, he needs to purchase a Medigap plan.

Medicare beneficiaries should Research the plans that are offered through the companies. The federal government regulates what each company can sell as Medigap insurance. When a person picks a plan, he should call around to get quotes. Recipients should factor in whether or not their doctor will take a plan during this period.

What Else Do I Need to Do During Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment?

Medigap plans do not usually require a patient to undergo a physical for coverage. The recipient will have to fill out detailed medical history which takes place of the physical. He will also have to provide proof that he qualifies for the Medicare program. Proof of a recipient’s age serves this purpose in most cases.

If a recipient misses the Medicare supplement open enrollment period, he may find that he has more limited options when he purchases a new Medigap insurance policy. Only circumstances that allow a person guaranteed assurance offer him a choice of the full range of plans.

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