What Costs Do Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans Cover?

Protect yourself against Medicare excess charges with Medicare insurance supplement plans.

In addition to Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans that pay for prescription drug costs, you can purchase supplemental insurances to cover additional medical costs you need to pay.

Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans That Cover More Than Your Basic Healthcare

Private insurance companies have supplemental insurance plans that provide coverage beyond your basic benefits to meet primary medical needs and Medicare approved charges. Plan C pays for the out of pocket costs if your doctor’s charges are more than Medicare allows. You receive same basic benefits as other Plans plus skilled nursing, Part A deductible for hospitalization, Part B deduct for medical and hospital out-patient expenses and emergency care if you travel abroad.

Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans With A Low Monthly Premium

Supplemental insurances with a lower premium cost provide less coverage for coinsurance and co-pays . You’ll have the same coverage as plans A through G, but, a higher annual out of pocket cost. Once you reach the annual limit the plan pays for 100 percent of Medicare approved costs.

Plan K pays for a percentage of your medical costs. It covers 100% of your part a hospitalization coinsurance plus one year after your Medicare benefits end. It covers 100% hospice Part A coinsurance , 50 % Part B coinsurance, 100 % preventative care services, 50% of covered skilled nursing facility and 50% coinsurance Medicare Part A deductibles. Plan L gives you additional coverage with 75% skilled nursing facility coinsurance and 75% Medicare Part A. With Plan N, you only pay out of pocket expense for office visits and ER after the monthly premium.

Medicare Insurance Supplement Plans That Protect You From Part B Excess Charges And Out Of Pocket Expenses

These supplemental plans cover costs in excess of the Medicare approved amounts.

Plan F covers basic Medicare benefits plus skilled nursing, Part A deductible hospital, Part B deductible out-patient expenses,
Part B excess charges, and travel aboard medical emergency expenses. Plan G is only available in some states. It provides some coverage for hospitalization, Part B deductible, skilled nursing, Part A deductible, Part B excess, and travel abroad

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