What Basic Services Does Medicare Provide?

What is Medicare and What Does it Have to Offer?

Medicare is the Health insurance program that is provided to people over 65, patients with kidney failure and patients that are disabled. It is provided by the Federal Health Insurance program and managed by the Dept of Health and Human Services.

What is Medicare Part A and What Does it Cover?

Part A or hospital insurance helps to pay for just what it says, your care at Medicare Approved hospitals, nursing homes, hospice or home health care. Medicare Part A benefits can be paid in periods up to 90 days in an approved hospital facility, and will cover up to a semiprivate room. Your meals, Operating and recovery room, ICU, medications, labs, and any other medical supplies that are deemed medically necessary are covered. Part A will also help to pay for 100 days in a nursing facility, the first 20 days are covered and you are responsible for coinsurance amounts on days 21-100.If necessary Medicare will pay for all customary charges for home health care, you only need to pay for 20% of your necessary medical equipment. Hospice charges are covered for terminally ill patients, but drug costs are limited in hospice care.

Medicare Part B, What Does It Cover?

Part B of Medicare covers the extras such as doctor’s visits, and outpatient hospital services such as tests, ambulance, labs, therapy, preventative care, and various other services that Part A does not cover.
With Part B, there is an 80 percent coverage rate for most approved charges; you are responsible for the other 20 percent. You need to verify beforehand with your doctor or facility to ensure that they Medicare so you will not be responsible for charges.

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