What Are The Medicare Requirements?

If you are thinking about a health care plan, it is important to know about the Medicare requirements to determine if you are eligible. There are different parts of this plan therefore you need to know which part is suitable for your needs. The first one is referred to as Part A and it provides hospital insurance for people who are over the age of 65. This part also covers people who have certain disabilities. You can contact the Social Security Department to find out if your disability qualifies for this part.

Number Of Credits Part Of Medicare Requirements

To quality for Part A of Medicare, you are also expected to have worked and earned a particular number of credits. If your spouse is over the age of 65 and has accumulated the credits required, you also qualify for the hospital insurance.

Part B

If you have already qualified for the first part, you can easily qualify for Part B. One of the Medicare requirements for this part is that you are expected to pay a premium each month. This part offers medical insurance and it is possible to qualify as long as you are above 65 years old even if you did not get the credits earned from working. This ensures that each individual gets basic health insurance after a particular age. For those who do have low incomes, you can get financial help.

The Third Part

The third part of Medicare is Part D which is an insurance cover for drug prescriptions. This will cost you some money but it is possible to get discounts. It is also possible to pay an extra amount on your premium to get a plan that covers both medical and drug costs. This type of plan is referred to as Medicare Advantaged Plans.

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