What are the Disadvantages of Medicare?

It would seem as if Medicare would be a great advantage to the US citizen, but it’s true that it comes with the same amount of disadvantages as advantages. Of course, Medicare is geared for the uninsured who cannot afford regular health insurance, but even with this extra help from the government the disadvantages of Medicare are plainly apparent.

The Plans and Their Costs

One of the first disadvantages of Medicare is the variety of plans that the consumer must pick through and choose from. Because of the monstrous number of options, the consumer can be left feeling intimidated and confused. On top of this, the consumer only has the salesperson’s word to gauge the right decision off of. In other words, if the salesperson is not experienced, he could give false information to the consumer, and he/she could end up purchasing the wrong plan. In addition to this, the variety of plans cost more than the original Medicare plan did. In some cases, they are 50% more expensive than the initial plan.

Flexibility and Coverage

Another one of the disadvantages of Medicare is the fact that it isn’t flexible. When you’re paying for a Medicare plan, you are typically given a network of health care providers that you can see, but to have your expenses financed, you must only see the list of health providers that you are given. For instance, if you’d like to see a doctor that isn’t included on the list, be prepared to pay extra expenses for your visit. In addition to this, Medicare only extends to certain geographical areas, so if you find that you are outside of the limits, you will also have to pay out of pocket in this case too.

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