What Are The Biggest Medicare Plan Changes For 2011?

With 2011 under way, it is safe to assume that there will be Medicare Plan Changes. This is a chance for all involved to learn about some of the changes that will be coming over the course of the year and how you can better prepare yourself for them.

Did you have a drug plan?

If so, then it is advisable to check on whether or not it will be available for 2011, because some Medicare Plan Changes went into effect. Two of the plans in 2011 that will not be offered are among the largest: the AARP MedicareRx Saver plan and the PrescribaRx Bronze. Not to worry, though, because if enrolled in any plan that is not available next year, you’ll have the option of being switched to another plan by your current insurer or choosing a whole new plan entirely.

Withdrawing health care plans?

Some Health Care Plans have caused some Medicare Plan Changes by pulling out of the Medicare because of a law that has recently went into effect. Most of those plans will have to form contracts with Health Care Providers, which will let enrollees know which providers will accept their plan. If your Health Plan has withdrawn, then you still have the right to choose, or you can go back to Medicare.

How much will premiums change?

The main Medicare Plan Changes in premiums have to do with that new health care law. Basically, the more money a household makes, the more their premiums will go up. The highest rates will be affecting people who make $85,000 and upwards. Overall, the general population will experience an average increase of $1 a month.

What about the benefits?

Benefits will, largely, remain unchanged. There will be some minor instances where there could be a reduction of a few luxury benefits, but generally, everybody should get the same type of benefits package as everybody else. If for some reason you are unhappy with the benefits available, then it couldn’t hurt to look for a plan that is better suited for you.

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