What Are My Options For a Texas Medicare Supplement?

The choice of Texas Medicare Supplement insurance policies will vary based on the options offered by insurance companies in the state.

These plans are also known as Medigap policies and will help pay the costs of health care that original Medicare does not cover. Standard Medigap polices range from Plan A to Plan N. Most of the plans are found in Texas except for Plans E, H, I, and J. These plans are no longer offered for sale. Plan A will be offered by any insurance company that sells Texas Medicare Supplement insurance. Plan C and Plan F need to be offered if they offer any other Medigap plan.

Explanation of Plans

Residents of Texas that choose Plan F or Plan G will have their deductible for Medicare Part A paid for hospital stays and coinsurance. Skilled nursing facility coinsurance and travel care for foreign trips is also covered. The selection of Plan K and Plan L will offer a low-cost option to residents that are cost-sharing plans. These plans require paying more for covered costs with premiums that are lower. You may have different plan options from another insurance company.

Plan Requirements

Residents of Texas need to have both Medicare Part A and Part B to purchase a Medigap policy. These plans are referred to as original Medicare. Payments will be made each month for your Medigap policy premium and for your Medicare Part B premium.

Plan Benefits

The purchase of Texas Medicare Supplement insurance is guaranteed to be renewable. This means a resident with health problems cannot have their Medigap policy canceled. There is no difference in the benefits offered by any type of Medigap policy. The only difference is price and the insurance company that is selling the plan. A Medicare Supplement plan can be purchased by residents of the state during their open enrollment period.

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