What Are My Medigap Rights?

Certain Rights That You Have With Medigap

If you have Medigap, then you should know that you are entitled to certain rights. These rights help to make sure that you will not be denied coverage. They are also in place so that you can change plans if the one you have no longer works for you. Knowing your rights will help you to remain encouraged about your Medigap plan

Your Free Look Period

One of your Medigap rights are free look periods. A free look period is basically a 30 day period where you have the right to take a look at how you feel about your new plan. You have this period of time if you decide that you want to change your plan and get a full refund of your money. This is a guaranteed right under the Medigap plan.


Another one of your Medigap rights is the ability of your policy to continue to renew year after year automatically. As long as you continue to pay for your policy, you will hold that policy year after year. You do not have to worry about going in and renewing the plan yourself. This is another Medigap right.

Take Notice Of Other Rights

You should take note of the other rights that you may receive from your individual state. The different states are allowed to determine any other Medigap rights that they may decide to give you. It is important that you keep record of any information that the state will send you to you about these rights. This information may come in the form of official letters, emails, or simply information posted on their websites. Knowing your Medigap rights will help you to find the right plan that you will want to keep for years to come.

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