What Are My Main Choices For Getting Medicare Coverage?

What are my main choices for getting Medicare coverage? There are four different options where Medicare is concerned, they all have pros and cons, and they can all go together if that is chosen to be the best option.

Hospital Coverage

The first choice for getting Medicare coverage is Part A. This part is basically the hospital coverage. There is usually no monthly fee for this coverage. It covers hospital stays, but it is very limited, not covering the emergency room, doctor’s fees or toiletries. This option is best suited for someone who either has coinsurance or Part B.

Part B Medicare

The next main choice for getting Medicare coverage is Part B. Part B covers most of what part A doesn’t. It covers the doctors and the tests, including preventative testing, however; there is usually a small monthly fee for this option. Not everyone qualifies for part B but if you receive social security benefits or railroad benefits you are automatically enrolled, also, if you have ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease, you are also automatically enrolled. Part A and Part B can be used together if that is what is determined to be in the best interest.

What if I want private insurance with Medicare?

If you do not want to use the traditional Medicare, there is an option that allows patients to use a private institution which can offer Part C Medicare. This option utilizes everything that is covered in Part A and Part B combined, plus they can usually offer a prescription drug plan as well. This option is best for those who do not meet the income guidelines for Part A and Part B and can afford to utilize this as the best option for their choice for getting Medicare coverage.

Prescription Drug Plan

Part D is simple. This is the prescription drug plan offered by Medicare. It is offered by private insurance companies and usually goes with Part A, B, or both.

What are my main choices for getting Medicare coverage?

What are my main choices for getting Medicare coverage? This answer all depends on your financial situation and what kind of coverage each person needs.

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