What Are Medicare HMO Plans?

Medicare HMO Plans: An affordable alternative for those seeking health care at a reduced price.

Those seeking health care at a reduced price might look into health maintenance organization health care plans, better known as an HMO plan. An HMO plan provides comprehensive health coverage to those in need of medical care.

So How do Medicare HMO Plans Work?

Health management organization plans take care of the majority of a person’s typical medical care expenses. Patients in a plan are required to pay monthly premiums in order to establish membership in an HMO. Whenever a doctor’s visit happens, they’re required to pay for co-payments and prescription meds. These payments are due at the time of service.

OK, I’ve got an HMO, What Next?

Once your HMO plan is set up, you need to find a doctor you’d like to name your primary care physician. This physician must be within a network of doctors as laid out by your plan. This means that any time you need to see a specialist for your medical needs, the referral must first be given by your primary care physician if you need it to be covered under your medicare HMO plans.

What sets Medicare HMO Plans Apart from Other Health Plans?

The biggest difference between medicare HMO plans and others are that HMO’s focus predominantly on preventative health care coverage. This prevents complications down the road, since the focus is intended to result in long-term health care benefits, while reducing the cost of your medical coverage. Since the focus is on preventative care, patients have the benefit of terminal illnesses such as cancer being caught in the early stages instead of down the road once it’s had a chance to develop.

Those seeking a decrease in medical coverage costs might do well to look into HMO’s. These plans take care of your health in the early stages, while giving you the benefit of a reduced rate.

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