Understanding Medicare Part B

Medicare is about alphabet letters: A, B, and so on. What is Medicare Part B requires some explanations.

Once age 65 hits a man or woman they become eligible to receive Medicare. One of the confusing conundrums is thinking that an eligible husband and wife are required to sign up for both Medicare Part A, and Part B. Having a bit more knowledge on what is Medicare Part B should eliminate most of the confusion. Our first question should do just that.

Should I Sign Up For Medicare Part A And B If I’M Still Working?

Part A, for sure. However, if the husband or wife is still working and has heath coverage via their employer or union, Part A may still help pay some medical expenses not covered by any group plan. But that working spouse may choose to delay signing up for Medicare Part B until a later date.

For Not Signing Up At The Beginning, What Is Medicare Part B Premiums Going To Be?

You can delay Medicare Part B enrollment, then later during a Special Enrollment Period (January through March 31st) you can sign up even if you are still working. Just remember you will have to pay a higher Medicare Part B premium simply because when you had the chance you didn’t take it; so now you’ll pay for it.

What is Medicare Part B Deductible?

This deductible is applied on the date a claim is processed, not on the date you actually received the service.

What Is Medicare Part B Physical Exam All About?

It’s a “Welcome to Medicare” physical exam. To be eligible your Part B coverage must have been in effect on or after January 1st. Remember to get yours within the first six months of your Part B coverage.

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