Traveling With Medicare; What Do I Need?

Travel Insurance Medicare Abroad; Facts, Fallacies and the Need When Traveling

Retirement is often the first opportunity for extended travel, either here at home or abroad. Time is freed up, there are no longer any pressing responsibilities, and the lure of foreign destinations beckons. But before you embark on your journeys, let’s take the opportunity to consider travel insurance medicare.

What Is Travel Insurance Medicare?

This is not insurance for your trip, such as is often offered by cruise lines or travel agencies, in case of inclement weather or mechanical issues with the ship or aircraft, but rather insurance for you, the traveler and your health while abroad. We can redefine travel insurance medicare as a Medicare supplement: that is, an additional insurance to cover you when outside of the United States. Medicare will cover you anywhere within the U.S., but draws the limits at the borders. Traveling to Canada or Mexico? Even if you are just across the border at, say, Toronto or Tijuana, and have a medical emergency, those bills are your responsibilty and will not be covered by Medicare.

Euros, Pesos, Yuangs? What Do I Do?

Instead of having to rely on your bank account, transferring funds and converting them to the local currency to pay for your medical expenses, why not purchase a Medicare supplement for travel abroad? For a one-time payment, tailored to your stay, be it days, weeks or months, you can rest assured that your medical expenses will be covered until you can get back to the States, where Medicare will chip in to do its part according to whatever plan you have enrolled.

Where Do I Turn?

Besides your own life insurance company, there are several additional options available. Please reference, and
Travel with medical ease of mind. Bon voyage!

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