Supplemental Medicare: You may Need This Coverage!

Medicare supplemental insurance is a health insurance plan that takes care of healthcare coverage that is not covered in Medicare. Supplemental Medicare insurance is available for those who are 65 and older. Here are a few helpful tips that will help you should you want to look further into Supplemental Medicare.

Medicare insurance offers many good benefits to those who are 65 and older. Medicare is a very helpful insurance program for many; especially when medical costs are higher than ever before and without Medicare, many would not be able to afford decent healthcare insurance. However, there are areas of Medicare that do not cover certain healthcare needs and that is why many need Medicare supplemental insurance.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance

Medicare supplemental insurance also helps to cover the costs of services that regular Medicare doesn’t cover such as eye care needs. It is important to note that the basic requirement for supplemental Medicare insurance is that they be enrolled in either part A or part B of the Medicare program. Prescription drugs, if taken on a regular basis, may not be covered by Medicare. Dental coverage may not be covered by Medicare.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is Not for Everyone

However, not everyone needs supplemental Medicare such as government and military retirees. Also, Medicaid and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary plans, pay for premiums and other additional costs. Medicare supplemental insurance also will help pay for private care, homemaker services and stays in a hospital. In addition, Medicare supplemental insurance takes the worry and stress away over out of pocket fees that can sometimes be a burden to handle such as a long stay in a hospital, medical supplies and a temporary stay in a nursing home. Other expenses that this Supplemental Medicare pays for are dentures, hearing aids and eyeglasses.

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