Should My Spouse And I Have The Same Medicare Supplement?

Medicare plans can be terrific for an entire list of reasons, but many members do not realize that not all plans work for one person like another. Medicare plans also don’t work this way because each member has to have a different plan, meaning two insurances. Two expensive plans make no sense for couples when only one needing basic member plans. Choose your Medicare supplement plan by weighing conditions, needs and budget.

Get the plan that fits the condition

Medicare supplement plans cover three initial needs, nursing, doctors and prescriptions. Depending on the condition a couple has to weigh the need. If a condition warrants a doctor more than prescriptions one of the couple should consider plan A and B coverage. If another is gravely sick and needs prescriptions regularly, plan A, B and D coverage is worth a consideration. In short, since members have to have their own Medicare plan couples should consider only getting what the condition warrants.


Medicare supplement insurance also includes personal needs and preferences. Medicare for example does reimburse patients who want religious oriented hospitals. Couples who want similar benefits should discuss their needs first before going forward. Family history cases are common topics to consider when choosing a Medicare supplement plan. If one of the couple is likely to suffer more than the other, there should be a different plan.


Again remember that a Medicare supplement plan does not cover the family, it only covers one member at a time. The expense should only be justified by the condition that warrants it. If a couple is relatively healthy, plan A and B should cover most general needs. Plan A offers extended stays and B covers most doctor care and blood tests. Plan C however combines A and B and offers additional services, like visual care uncovered by plan B. Couples should research conditions and plan for the costs from quotes.

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