My Coverage in Medicare Advantage Policies

I have medicare advantage coverage, what will be included? You have decided to buy Medicare Advantage coverage, now you are wondering if it will cover everything or, if not, what and why.

Medicare Advantage Coverage: A Pig In A Poke?

Hopefully ,you have not yet signed the policy, or given the company your first premium before you have asked this question. If not, then whatever you have bought is what you have unless you can sweet talk your agent into supplements at a reduced price of a new policy completely. Or, if it is within the three day “cooling off” period, you might be able to have it cancelled, according to any local restrictions and interpretation of that consumer protection law.

Examine Your Policy, Demand It In Writing

Any policy must have its limitations clearly stated, as well as its benefits. As well as the responsibilities of the purchaser (that’s you) for the policy to remain effective. Any failure by either party provides grounds for the policy to be ruled null and void,or cancelled. If you have a question, or something is not clear, demand clarification in writing. As Leo Mayer said, “A verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” Your agent may be a wonderful person who loves their family but if it isn’t in writing the company is not obligated to honor a verbal addendum. Remember they are selling a service to you, you are in charge.

No Such Thing As A Stupid Question

An informed customer is an happy customer and an happy customer is more likely to be a repeat customer, or at least a good reference. Reputable agents will be happy to answer all your questions. Ask before you buy, it is still a case of caveat emptor: Buyer Beware!

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