Medigap Plans and the Affordable Health Care Act

Medicare Medigap supplemental insurance is vital if you need to make sure the maximum amount of your medical expenses are covered by Medicare plans.

Why Medicare Medigap Plans are Vital for Americans

Medicare does not cover every type of medical expense or treatment. For this reason many senior citizens feel they should choose MA (Medicare Advantage) private plans for insurance. This is because they feel Medicare Medigap plans may be too expensive. Mistakenly too many seniors think the MA plans are best because they low, or even zero monthly premiums. The MA plans also frequently cover prescription drugs, vision and other problems. The problem is that all MA plans have many hidden charges that come out of the wallet of those trusting seniors. In some cases these unexpected costs can add up to many thousands of dollars.

Medicare Medigap Plans – Policy Advantages

Medicare set up ten standard Medicare Medigap Plans options. This are labeled with the letters A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M and N. These policies plug the gap to cover the deductible, co-pay and co-insurance in Medicare Parts A, which is for hospitalization and B, which is for medical costs.

The Best Medigap Plans

The best of the Medigap plans are Plan F types which have zero annual expenses for all rendered services that are Medicare approved. Plan G is also very good, covering everything except $155 per year in Medicare Part B costs.

Deficiencies of MA Plans

All the Medigap plans have many advantages that may or may not be covered under private MA plans. Too often the uncovered areas in MA plans are not properly revealed by insurance company sales personnel.

Medicare Medigap plans provide excellent coverage of the gaps in Medicare and provide significant peace of mind for seniors in America. With the requirements of the new Affordable Health Care Act, Medigap coverage has become even more beneficial.

Comparison MA and Medigap Plans

If you compare Medigap Plans to MA plans you will find that Medigap are the best, are more cost competitive and allows seniors free to find the provider they want anywhere, without being limited to a set network of doctors, or HMO restrictions, often called gatekeeper interference. These are the most important reasons that Medicare Medigap plans are a must have for seniors in America.

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