Medicare Supplement Plans – Do You Need Them?

A Medicare supplement plan pays for your financial obligation after Medicare processes your claim.

Medicare Supplement Plans – Do You Need Them?

Needing a Medicare supplement plan depends on your financial situation. Like any insurance, a Medicare supplement plan is something people complain about when they don’t use it. There are plenty of options on the market but it all boils down to one question when it comes to Medicare supplement plans – do you need them or not? Most people do.

How Much Money Do You Have?

If you can afford an unexpected bill of thousands of dollars, a Medicare supplement plan may not be for you. People who prefer to make regular monthly payments to insure they don’t have an unwieldy out of pocket expense when they least expect it benefit from having a Medicare supplement plan. A supplement plan pays for the patient’s obligation after the Medicare program has paid it’s portion of a bill. Patients who rely on their supplementary insurance to make up the difference between Medicare’s share and the patient portion of quarterly doctor’s office visits may feel shortchanged. Patients who suffer a serious medical emergency requiring a month’s hospitalization appreciate having a supplement plan to cover their financial obligations under the Medicare program.

Who Needs Them? Most people

When someone asks, “Medicare supplement plans- do you need them?” they may be independently wealthy or financially reckless. There are a number of Medicare supplement plans on the market that not only cover deductibles and coinsurance but also extend benefits such as those for skilled nursing facilities. Each of these policies meets federal Medicare supplement guidelines and can be trusted. Purchasing a supplement is an individual choice that depends on individual comfort level.

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