Medicare Premiums 2011 to 2012: What Has Changed?

Latest information on Medicare premiums 2011: what has changed between 2011 and 2012?

Medicare premiums 2011 have gone through many different changes. Cost of living adjustments in 2009 and 2010 caused a freeze in medicare premiums 2011, which are now being raised to adjust for heightened living costs. In 2011, beneficiaries making below a certain amount will not be charged medicare premiums, because the state typically pays for these. Eligibility requirements vary by state, but they are still based on income.

Medicare Premiums In 2011

Beneficiaries who paid a lower amount in 2010, will pay the same in 2011, but those people receiving Social Security for the first time in 2011, will pay medicare premiums that are higher than they have been in the past. These premiums will not stay the same, but will, in fact, lower in 2012.

Medicare Premiums In 2012

Medicare premiums in 2012 will be approximately 22 dollars lower than they were in 2011. Because of the Affordable Care Act, social security beneficiaries can expect to pay less in 2012. This Act is very handy for people who already struggle with costs, and since yearly cost of living adjustments aren’t usually very much, saving money wherever possible is important.

Medicare Part B pays for doctor’s office visits, outpatient facilities, and even some home health medical equipment. Keeping Medicare strong and affordable helps older people who live on a fixed income, but still have to pay for medical equipment or doctor’s visits. Deductibles will decrease as well in 2012, allowing for additional resources for other needed services such as food, and medicines.

Many changes will be in the works in 2012 for medicare premiums, but the biggest difference is that social security beneficiaries will ultimately have more money, allowing them more freedom and more independence.

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