Medicare Pet Insurance; Is It Real?

Meta Description: You’ve Got To Be Kidding, Is There Really Such A Thing as Medicare Pet Insurance?

Even though the pet dog or cat is often considered part of the family and is, far too often, the only companion for the elderly, they are not human and as a result do not qualify for Medicare. But all is not lost.

Help Is Available

Medicare pet insurance, as a possible remedy for the family companion, is not a viable option as Medicare is restricted to humans only. Bearing this restriction on mind, what are options available to the owner for his faithful companion? Surprisingly, there are many and are limited only by the amount of premium one is able to afford. Keeping in mind that if the owner is on, or is shortly going to be able to apply for, Medicare: Those guidelines will still have to be met by the owner for themselves. But a form of medicare pet insurance is available from several legitimate sources, depending upon the pet. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a program that will reimburse the owner for funds spent for registered, purebred dogs. Some pet stores also offer insurance for dogs and cats, even if they are non purebred. These stores include PetSmart Banfield Pet Hospital plans; please see for all details, benefits, locations and eligibilty. But “I want my vet…”

Independent Policies

Other sources, not limited to a specific store or veterinarian service, include and These will vary as to coverage limitations, eligibilty and all other insurance qualifiers, much as insurance for humans will. While not strictly a medicare pet insurance, as neither the age of the pet or owner solely determines eligibility as Medicare does, the premiums can be refined to fit the resources of the human provider.

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