Medicare Part B Premium 2011 and 2012: Are Costs On The Rise?

Secrets you should know about Medicare Part B premium 2011(2012). Fact, everyone does not pay the same amount for Medicare Part B.

Enroll in Medicare as soon as you can or you will incur a higher rate later on.

What Exactly Is Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B premium 2011 (& 2012), the doctor portion of your bills increases annually and shows no sign of slowing down. Most medical visits will incur a Medicare Part B charge as a doctor will need to visit, interpret and x-ray, some laboratory testing or to be present for services rendered.

How Much Does Part B Cost?

The amount a person pays into the Part B premiums varies. Medicare Part B premium 2011 varies by state, the recipients monthly income and the UCR (usual and customary charge) amount doctors charge in a particular area. Medicare recipients with larger retirement incomes and those who did not opt in at their start date will pay higher Part B premiums.

Part B Rates

In 2012 the standard Part B premium charged to the recipient will drop to $99.90. This leaves Medicare to pick up the balance of the cost to the doctor. Higher earners can expect to pay up to about $320.00. In 2012 the deductible amount due before Medicare Part B starts paying will be $140.00.

Affording Part B Medicare Premium 2011

Your Medicare Part B Premium is taken out of your social security check, usually on a monthly basis. If you can not afford to carry Medicare Part B agencies are available to assist you. They are: Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) Program, Specified Low-Income Medicare Beneficiary (SLMB) Program or theQualifying Individual (QI) Program. You can still be accepted even if your income is above the
qualifying income limits.

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