Medicare Part B Insurance

Joining Original Medicare at 65 is your choice. The confusion may start with Medicare Part B insurance.

We can clear the air fast by informing you that when you join Medicare you become an annuitant of Medicare Part A, also known as hospital insurance. If you opt to add Medicare Part B, medical insurance, that’s your prerogative, but you’ll pay a premium cost to cover some outpatient services like doctor visits and some preventive medical services.

Have The Years 2013 And Beyond Medicare Part B Insurance Premiums Been Decided?

First you should understand that the Medicare Part B insurance premiums are formulated per the 1997 Balanced Budget Act. Ergo, Medicare officials send the premium in the fall for the upcoming calendar year based on a certain formula. As of yet, the 2013 and 2014 premiums have not been decided.

What Am I Paying For With My Medicare Part B Insurance Plan?

The premium you pay will include doctor visits and other costs related to outpatient costs as well as medical equipment you need like a wheelchair, cane, walker, oxygen equipment and any other related medical necessities.

Does My Medicare Part B Insurance Plan Cover My Flu or Shingles Shots?

Medicare Part B does not cover the shingles vaccine. If you have private insurance or Medicaid, your plan may or may not cover the vaccine. Many changes are frequently made in Medicare Part B plans, try to keep updated, or contact your insurer to find out.

I Heard That I Can Get A Flu Shot Under My Medicare Plan B Plan?

That’s a good question. Many folks inquire about flu shots. Flu and pneumococcal vaccines are covered by Medicare Part B; but individuals must bring their cards to the clinic.

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