Is United Healthcare Medicare Supplemental Insurance My Only Option?

United Healthcare Medicare supplemental insurance plan supplements a typical Medicare Plan.

Medicare is a national healthcare program in the United States. This program provides citizens over the age of 65 with healthcare benefits—not to be confused with Medicaid, which is a program that provides healthcare benefits to low-income citizens.

The Difference Between Medicare And Medicaid

Being a national, government program, however, the insurance program isn’t going to cover everything. In many situations, United Healthcare Medicare supplemental insurance is required to help assist in covering for benefits that either (A) are not covered at a rate that is affordable to the subscriber, or (B) not covered altogether.

United Healthcare Subscribers Over The Age Of 65

For most United Healthcare Medicare supplemental insurance subscribers, the plan is a lifesaver—making accessible important, lifesaving health and medical treatments, surgeries and medicines. Many believe that because Medicare doesn’t cover a particular procedure or treatment, that this is the end of the road for them—hardly the case. Unfortunately, many that suffer from mental health disorders find themselves in this situation—for one reason or another, the CMS (the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services) doesn’t cover very many mental health-related medicines and treatments.

Supplemental Insurance

The way that United Healthcare Medicare supplemental insurance works is that Medicare will provide benefits and cover medicines and services under its standard offering at its standard fee schedule: But on top of that, United Healthcare will step in with its supplemental product and cover the balance of whatever bill the patient is sent.

Out-Of-Pocket Fees

In some cases, out-of-pocket fees are assessed on the subscriber’s side in the way of a “co-pay.” But with a supplemental plan, you’re hardly ever going to run into a situation wherein you have to pay this obligation, because that’s what the supplemental insurance product is there for.

Due Diligence

For more information about how your particular health plan works, you’re advised to read through the prospectus of your plan yourself, as many health plans will vary from subscriber to subscriber.

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