Is There A Time Limit For Filing For Medicare?

When you approach your 65th birthday you will automatically receive notice for Medicare part A. You will need to decide, at that time if you will be filing for Medicare part B. If you decide not to accept part B at that time you will only be eligible to file for coverage between January 1st and March 31st of each following year. When you are filling for Medicare in this manner you must remember that you will not receive part B coverage until July 1st of that year and you will pay an additional 10% on your premium for the remainder of your coverage. If you think that you will ever need to have the additional coverage offered in part B, you are better off filling for Medicare benefits right from the time you become eligible.

Is There A Time Limit For Filing Medicare Claims?

Medicare claims are generally filed by the service provider. However, if you have received service from a provider that does not accept Medicare you can file a claim for the services. You have to the end of the next calendar year to file a claim before the program will refuse to accept the claim. For example, if you went to a non-participating doctor in April of 2009, you will have until December 2010 to file your claim with the program. This applies to original Medicare only. If you participate in a managed care or advantage plan, Medicare will not accept any claims from you.

Does Medicare Pay The Provider Directly?

When you receive medical services that are covered under Medicare, the program will pay their share directly to the provider. You will be billed for your co-payment or deductibles separately. You will receive a statement showing what has been paifd on your behalf.

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