Is There A Place Online To Enroll Medicare?

If it is time for you to enroll in Medicare, chances are you don’t want to drive across town to pick up the necessary files, file the information and submit them. The filing process only takes a few minutes, so why should you take more time driving and traveling across town than actually filling out the information? Thankfully, it is possible to enroll Medicare online, so you don’t have to worry about doing this at all. You just need to know where to go and how to enroll Medicare online when you have the option.

Enroll Online

In order to start enrolling online, you must navigate over to the Social Security website. From here, select the Medicare option, then choose Online. From here, you reach the new online application page. To enroll Medicare online, click the “Apply for Medicare” button. In order to apply for Medicare, you must be at least 64 and nine months, not currently have any Medicare coverage and you do not want to start receiving Social Security benefits at the time. As long as you fit this description, you’re able to begin filling out the application process.

Begin Enrolling

Once you have clicked on the Apple for Medicare button option on the page, a new document appears on the screen. This is the Benefit Application page. Now that your’e son the page, you need to follow the bubbled instructions on the right side of the page, then click the “Apply for Benefits” page. Once you do this the application page starts and you’re ready to go. You’re always able to save the application if you are in the middle of it and have to leave, by selecting the “Save Application” button.

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