Is The Medicare Part B Cost Worth It?

Find out whether or not the Medicare Part B cost is worth it for you.

Medicare is an insurance service provided by the Social Security Association for helping senior citizens pay the cost of their medical expenses. It is broken up into four different parts that are otherwise known as A, B, C, and D. Part A is obviously the most popular Part that senior citizens receive, and many either receive or want to receive Part B.

How Much Does Medicare Part B Cost?

In 2010, the Medicare Part B cost included a monthly premium of roughly around $100. This is generally for people who are below the income threshold of $85,000. Couples’ thresholds are $170,000. In general, a higher Medicare Part B cost (or premium) is given to people that receive a higher income than what is allotted by the threshold.

What Does Medicare Part B Cover, And Is It Worth It?

The number one question on everyone’s minds who are thinking about enrolling for Medicare Part B is whether or not it is worth it. In general, this is subject to certain needs and wants.

It may be logical to go ahead and list some of the things that Medicare covers that aren’t included under Part A. These include services from doctors, medical equipment (must be approved), ambulance care (if applicable in certain situations), chiropractic services, outpatient services that deal in mental health, etc. If some of the services provided by Medicare Part B apply to you, then it would probably be more sensible for you to enroll for it than someone else who does not generally need the services.

One of the most attractive services offered under Part B are the doctor services. Perhaps, in most cases, it is worth it for a senior citizen to consider Medicare Part B.

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