Is The Cost Of Supplement Medicare Insurance The Same In All States?

Secrets of understanding the variable cost of supplemental medicare insurance between states.

Actually, the costs can vary within a state between plans and within the same plan. Plans often cover part of the state or even part of a county and not the rest of state or county. A supplemental insurance company may have several plans available within a state, and each will have a different cost because of the different coverage provided.

Why Does The Cost Vary Between States?

There are several reasons for the variable cost of supplemental medicare insurance between states. In some states the standard of care may vary enough to warrant a different payment schedule, which in turn would mean a different premium. Often, the state insurance department regulates the services that must be provided by a supplemental plan, which could cause the rates to be higher or lower. The cost of living varies between states and the cost of medical care will follow. Occasionally, a state will have many high-tech facilities and teaching hospitals where the medical costs are higher.

Medical Providers Affect The Cost of Supplemental Medicare Insurance Between States

For example, medical costs in New York City are among the highest in the Nation. It follows that the cost of supplement insurance would be higher in New York City. There are many cities in the country where the cost of medical care is much higher than in smaller cities, and therefore, the cost of a supplement plan will be higher.

Are There Any Supplement Plans Where The Costs Are The Same In Every State?

Yes. There are some supplement plans that carry a very high premium and the premium is the same from state to state.

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