Is Texas Medicare Insurance Different From Other States?

Currently under federal sanction due to discrepancies on how a portion of its Medicaid program was run, Texas Medicare insurance may be soon making further changes to the federal guidelines in place which governs Medicare insurance throughout the country.

Medicare Guidelines

Presently, the conditions of Medicare insurance dictate that the federal government guarantee all individuals who are eligible for Medicare will be covered. In the current state of the economy healthcare insurance has never been needed more so than now. Far from perfect, the provisions of Medicare enable countless people to receive the medical attention so desperately needed. While not everyone is eligible for Medicare, the services provided remain a testament to one of the many virtues which make the United States the great country it is.

Proposed Changes

In route to final votes in the Legislature, the proposed bill SB7, would form a collaboration between insurers, doctors and hospitals to enhance coverage for Medicare patients. This patient friendly modus would reimburse for provided services based on the results produced, as opposed to the current model of reimbursement dictated by the amount of rendered services.

The controversy surrounding the proposed bill stems from the request that Washington provide Texas a predetermined amount of currency for healthcare. It would then be up to the state to cover any additional fees incurred. In a state where the track record of Medicare dealing have at best been described as shoddy, the passage of this bill could have a very negative ripple effect on those dependant on Texas Medicare insurance. With the entire nation keeping a close eye on these preceedings, patients everywhere are holding their collective breath.

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