Is Seniors Choice Better Than A Medicare Supplement?

Known as one of the best medical plans, Seniors Choice provides unique coverage that a traditional Medicare Supplement does not. Seniors Choice is a custom program aimed to provide the best service for the member. Seniors Choice is very popular for the flexible benefits that they gives their members. This flexibility ultimately provides freedom from the typical network of physicians and hospitals.

What is the Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare Supplement or Medigap Policy is health insurance sold by private insurance companies that is intended to fulfill the holes or “gaps” in the Original Medicare coverage. The Part D Medicare Supplement Plan is for your prescription drug coverage. This plan assists your payments for the medications prescribed to you by your physician.

Seniors Choice Basic Benefits

1. Visit any physician and only pay co-pay. (NO NETWORK!)
2. Optional deductibles in the range of $0-$4,000.
3. Basic plan includes excess charges beyond Medicare.

Seniors Choice Optional Benefits

1. Private nurse care.
2. Home care and recovery.
3. Foreign travel and comprehensive wellness.

Why Seniors Choice Is Better Than A Medicare Supplement

1. Upon retirement, the member can use Seniors Choice no matter where they move within America.
2. Traditional Medicare Supplement does not offer a Part D Rx plan, while Seniors Choice does.
3. Seniors Choice guarantees enrollment to retirees over the age of 65.
4. Unlike Medicare Supplement, Seniors Choice gives members the freedom to choose from any physician and hospital in America.

There is a catch to obtaining Seniors Choice coverage. In order to qualify you have to be employed or have been employed with a sponsoring employer who is under contract with the MBA. The contract between the sponsoring employer and the MBA is called an Employer Trust Participation Agreement. Being part of a Seniors Choice group under your sponsored employed grants you full access to these wonderful benefits and more.

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