Is Medigap Medicare Supplement Insurance Available Through Various Providers?

This short article explains in concise terms what plans are available to supplement Medicare with Medigap Medicare Supplement Insurance. Points are covered on when and where Medigap plans can be purchased.

In order to make the most of Medicare coverage, most seniors purchase Medigap Medicare Supplement Insurance. There are plans designed to cover co-payments, and services that are not covered by Medicare, such as long-term care, follow-up care and medications. Medicare has provided 12 Medigap Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. For clarity and distinction, they are labeled A-L.

Medigap Plans A-L

Plan F is the most sought after Medigap Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan. It pays the co-payment charges that the original Medicare does not pay. It pays both hospital and outpatient deductibles. It also pays the co-payment for care received in a skilled nursing facility. The senior must have Medicare Plan A and Plan B to purchase one of the various supplements.

When To Purchase Medigap

The time to purchase a Medigap supplement is during open enrollment, which is the first
day of the birth month, or the day first enrolled in Medicare. This open window will last for six months. If enrolled during the open window period, the senior can not be denied coverage for any condition they may develop afterwards. This is not the case if the plan is not purchased during this period. Insurance carriers can deny coverage based on health if the senior purchases a policy outside of this time frame.

Where Medigap Is Available

Insurance carriers operate under state regulations in all states. This includes all of the Medigap plans that are offered. Each state’s insurance commission holds information on all insurers that offer Plan F. Minnesota, Massachusetts and Wisconsin currently do not have Plan F available.

Medigap Plan A is offered by all Medicare supplement insurers. Most larger insurance carries offer Plan F because of high demand for it.

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