Is Medicare The Same As Private Health Insurance?

If you are fortunate enough to have an all encompassing private insurance plan, then you are lucky. Many elderly patients however require a large amount of help from programs like Social Security and Medicare. If you are wondering is Medicare the same as private health insurance, then there are some things you need to know. In many ways Medicare is similar, but it certainly is not the same. There may still be co-pays and issues like referrals that seem very similar to a private health insurance plan.

Who Decides The Care You Get

With both private and government backed insurance there are rules that regulate the amount and type of treatment that a person can receive. When you pay a private company you sign an agreement and know exactly what will be covered and how much you will be required to pay. Because Medicare is usually a last choice option you are often controlled by a government system that will determine the type of treatment you get. Many Doctors refuse to treat government backed patients because how Medicare isn’t the same as private health insurance is a problem.

Your Rights With Health Care

Unfortunately many patients will be forced to use certain doctors and get different treatments because of their insurance plan. Because many doctors won’t treat Medicare patients you may have to use a less than ideal physician. Since Medicare isn’t the same as private health insurance you will have to make important decisions, or worse have government workers make them for you. If possible, you may want to consider getting private insurance with a supplemental plan from the government to cover the rest. There will also be payment differences between the two types of insurance as well.

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